Year 2 Writing about Malala

“Thank you for teaching us about Malala. Now I know how clever she is and she stands up for what she believes in. Her favourite thing is school. Thank you for reading the story.
My favourite thing about the book is the start because I do believe in magic. When she standed up I would stand up too. If I was forbidden from going to school, I would be sad. That’s why I stand up for what I believe in.
I didn’t know it was a true story.
It’s good she moved to England because in Pakistan bombs drop down and boys and girls aren’t allowed to be in school together. In England we don’t have bombs dropping down. I like doing the performance because I was Malala. On the carpet I liked doing the actions”
“I loved the part where we wrote a letter to Malala. I wanted to do the letter to Malala because I wanted to tell Malala what we do at school. I don’t want to stop learning about Malala.
Do you know why Malala got shot? Would you save Malala?
Does the whole world still believe in Malala?
I love Malala with my whole heart! I hope I never stop learning about Malala.”
“I liked the story because I agree with Malala because she is a nice girl and Malala should keep speaking up.
She is amazing.”

“Dear Mrs Martin,
Thank you for teaching us the Malala story. I liked the powerful men and Malala’s father and the 3 children.
I liked learning about a true story.
I liked watching a video of Malala. I liked writing about Malala and I liked asking the questions and I would like to speak up.
In the performance, I was the children. I like the Malala story because she is nice.”

“ I believe in Malala.”

“Dear Mrs Martin,
Thank you for teaching us about Malala. You’re the best.
I was very excited and felt good about Malala.
I went home and told my whole family and my Nan.
I liked the whole story because it is serious.”

“To Mrs Martin,
I Liked the onion and acting out the story. I liked the story of Malala. Thank you for reading us the story and telling us about Malala and for pictures of Malala all over the place.
I liked learning about she’s the best person. I liked knowing she is still alive.
I liked knowing about her life and watching her on TV.
I liked knowing the dangerous men said girls were forbidden from going to school.
Malala stopped the powerful men.
I liked knowing the powerful men had guns because it was dangerous.”

“ Dear Mrs Martin,
I liked the part that had the powerful men and when the children had no money to feed their family.
Thank you for teaching us Malala’s story.
I think we can do more writing and I told my Mummy that we are learning about Malala and I loved the stuff we learned about.
I loved doing the actions and when we did the play.”