Today we have had a fantastic Paperless day. We started the day off with Maths, playing a place value treasure hunting game in the hall which involved recapping our Maths knowledge, lots of running around and some great teamwork. After break we learnt and performed Kennings. Kennings are a type of poem that we will be looking at this week as part of our English work. During the afternoon, we worked in partners and used the Chromebooks to write our own Kennings about different animals. You can read an example of some of our Kennings below. To finish the day off, we went outside and made some nature pictures using natural materials that we found in the school grounds.

Here are some of our Kennings:


Sleeps at day,

Mice eater,

Flies quietly,

Twisted head,

Hunts at night,

Pointy beak,

Tree sleeper,

Good eyesight

What am I?

By Albert and Riley



Long neck

Black spots

Eats leaves

Good sleeper

Makes friends

Short hairs

Walks slowly

Long tongue

What am I ?

By Poppy and Lacie