Year 6 Residential Day 2

First sleep away from home completed. Everyone is fine, including the staff! After breakfast we will be sharing emails from parents (some of the most embarrassing will be shared on here) and heading to our first activity- climbing! Today we all have climbing, archery, leap of faith and campfire.

We have had an amazing day! The children are exhausted! Everyone has tried their best and achieved their targets. The teachers are still smiling. Now for an early night after singing camp fire songs.

Here are some of the emails that got the biggest laughs

I've attached a picture of you Elseigh on your first day of nursery from 7 years ago today!

I just wanted to say monkey how proud of you I am. You have become a beautiful, wonderful young lady. Your going to achieve anything you want in life. You have grown up so fast, but I couldn't ask for a better big monkey!

Have a great day and have loads of fun!!!!

Lots of love Daddy
To our little fuzz head Olivia,

We all hope you are having a lovely time and we miss so so very much!!

Harpy keeps running around with your tv controls as she can get away with it as her big sister isn't there to tell her off , so she is enjoying your bedroom all to herself!!:-)

Have a lovely time, and look forward to see you tomorrow!!!

Ps ...please make sure your brush that Barnett:
A message for Isla Harwood

Hello darling, hope you are having the best time and making lots of great memories. We miss you lots, Fehn misses you so much he has been sleeping in your bed! 🤣 and I think Jensen secretly misses you bossing them both around 🙈 although he won’t admit it 😉 hope you slept well and didn’t keep your dorm mates awake sleep talking all night 😴
See you soon, we love you lots 😘😘😘
Mum, Dad, Jensen, Fehn & Elva xxx