Year 6 Residential Day 3

Good morning everyone! Wake up calls needed this morning with the very tired faces. We are off to breakfast and then will share some more embarrassing emails.


We had an amazing last day with fencing, fire lighting and tool skills. The children have all achieved so much in a short space of time. They have enjoyed every moment. Now for a well-deserved rest over the weekend. Thank you to all the staff.

Jessica and Jack, our journalists will be blogging on Monday all about it.

Message from Mrs McCluskey

It was an absolute pleasure to come on the residential with you. You made all the staff very proud. You set yourself targets and you ALL achieved them. You showed us how resilient you are, well done. Rest up and I’ll see you on Monday.

Some of the messages from parents which were shared this morning.

Good morning David (and all of year 6)
It looks like you are having a fantastic time.
We are looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about it.
Mum, Dad and Elizabeth

My little tanger we hope you have had a fantastic day with lots of adventures ! Missing you loads ! The house is very quiet! Hope the food has been yummy !
Night night jimbob ! Love you daddy , mas , vi and mumma xxxx

Hello Tamzin our little Dubby. Mummy and Daddy hope you are having the best time ever and making brilliant memories. We are missing you loads but not missing clearing up after you or being your slave. Mousey is missing you too so I let him sleep in your bed. Enjoy your time with your friends, can't wait to see you tomorrow love mummy, daddy and mousey x