On Wednesday 5th February Lenham primary school’s choir went to the O2 to perform with 8238 other children.
Lenham had been practising every Monday for a long time and excitement was in the air as we boarded the coach. Of course there was singing on the coach and when we saw the O2 out the window the excitement levels were raised. Five minutes later, we were stood outside the O2 holding up the LENHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL banner having our photo taken. Then we walked through the archway and into the O2! The atmosphere was phenomenal as we climbed the stairs with all the other schools.

A sharp intake of breath told us all we needed to know about what everyone thought. We rehearsed with the amazing conductor Mr David Lawrence and the fantastic young voices band. And then we were introduced to one special guest of many RUTI (2018’s winner of the voice). Next up was URBAN STRIDES( a street dance group) who taught us some really cool moves for ghostbusters and many other songs. To sing their own song One 1000 Hallelujahs the Shires (Chrissie and Ben) came on. Then Tony Hadley came on to sing Somebody to Love by Queen. Finally, we sung the grand finale THE QUEEN MEDLEY! Tony Hadley came on again to sing part of WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER! Tea came and went as we prepared for the real thing.

We did everything we had been told and it went perfectly. The parents loved it. We want to thank Mrs Culver, Ms Black and Mrs Cooper for helping us learn all the songs.

Written by Henry and Niamh Year 5