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Science Week

SCIENCE WEEK written by our Year 6 Journalists


This week Lenham primary school have been focusing on science! We have had multiple encounters with science experts teaching us things about physics, biology, chemistry and wildlife.



On the beginning of science week, year 1 investigated the chemical reaction between different substances including baking oil and water. The majority of class predicted that it would change colour.   The results revealed that the chemicals in each liquid pushed away from each other leaving the oil to float on top.



In the lesson, year 2 were investigating what insects and creatures inhabit in the school pond. Year 2  thoroughly enjoyed classifying the creatures in the pond.



Year six were discovering how much force it takes to pull up a wooden car. They used a wooden plank that had various surfaces and measured the force in Newtons (named after the historic scientist Isaac Newton). Year six also went pond dipping discovering what insects and creatures inhabit in the school pond also they went in an aqua lab where year six learnt about the River Stour and how it spread into Ashford and Canterbury.

 Birds of prey  

In this assembly the whole school joined to view the majestic birds of prey.  The birds that were viewed were the pelican falcon, the bald eagle and the barn owl. He thoroughly explained how these majestic birds adapt and overcome the wilderness. The pelican falcon can reach blazing speeds when at high altitude, the bald eagle developed large wings and serrated talons to grip its prey and the owl uses its sensitive hearing to scout and grab its prey with needle like talons as quiet as a mouse. He explained about his what he’s done in his lifetime and the realisation of what happens in the wild.

He explained to us about natural selection and how the more dominant of the species are more likely to spread their genes and how farming change humanity forever. He let the birds soar across the hall and impress us with there immense speed and power.


Over all this week has been pleasurable for the entire school and will be pass down as one of the best memories Lenham will ever experience!