Year 4

Miss C Parry
Miss C Parry
Science Leader
Mrs E Carter
Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Carter


Year 4 enjoyed making chocolate bars on Thursday 10th October as part of their topic 'Chocolate'. We have been reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' in English lessons and this project really captured imaginations. A huge thank you to Mrs Prescott for all of her help in this lesson! Miss Parry
On Thursday 14th November, year 4 had a visit from the fish and chip shop owner- Maz. We learned about Ancient Greece and many other things too. It was surprising to us that he was from Greece! We all learned how to spell our names in Greek and we were disgusted to find out how ancient Greeks went to the toilet- ughhh!
Maz knows a lot about ancient Greece because he is from Cyprus.
We learned that Greeks invented the alarm clock, automatic doors and helicopters- very surprising if you think about it.
We can now say the Greek numbers from Ena to Theka. Everyone enjoyed it and had a long but fun hour learning about ancient Greece. Thank you Maz!
Arthur and Annabelle, year 4